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  1. February 23, 2023

    Medicines for Your Pet: What's the Difference?

    Take care of your furry, feathery, or scaley family!

    If you’ve ever had to give your cat a dose of medicine, you know that it can go sideways quickly. While no cat enjoys the process, some might be more cooperative depending on how the drug is given. For example, some cats tolerate taking pills easier than liquid, while others make the pill-giving process into a battle royale. Thankfully, your veterinarian can ask a compounding pharmacist to change that FDA-approved pill into a liquid for your finicky feline. Some common instances where veterinarians may recommend compounding are:

    • Creating an oral medication from tablets or injectable solutions
    • Adding flavoring
    • Mixing solutions into eardrops
    • Reformulating a medication to remove a harmful ingredient (such as an allergen)

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  2. February 08, 2023

    Nitric Oxide’s Vital Role in Female Sexual Health and Intimacy

    Is Nitric Oxide an aphrodisiac? Let’s examine the ways it supports Female Sexual Health.
    Part I of a 2 part sexual health series.

    By Greg McKettrick 

    If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique, health-conscious way — beyond the box of organic dark chocolates — look no further than Nitric Oxide. Although it’s not something one would typically associate with romance (or ever consider to be “sexy”), Nitric Oxide (NO) is more relevant to people’s love lives than one might think.

    That’s because Nitric Oxide plays a critical part in the physiological mechanisms that enable healthy sexual function in both females and males throughout our lives. In fact, as we’re about to discover, NO’s role in sexual wellness and intimacy is so powerful, it could potentially be considered an aphrodisiac of sorts.

    In this first

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  3. February 23, 2022

    Orgasm Difficulties in Women: Causes and Treatment

    Though routinely part of the human sexual response, orgasms are not a part of every sexual experience. Difficulty orgasming is noted as a common sexual dysfunction in women. Different studies suggest anywhere from 11 to 41 percent of women experience difficulty orgasming, even when sexually aroused and with sufficient stimulation. What are common causes for orgasmic dysfunction in women and how can you treat it? We’ll cover all this below.

    Causes for Orgasmic Dysfunction in Women

    Psychological Issues

    Some forms of mental illnesses and stress can promote orgasmic dysfunction. Depression and anxiety are common causes for this condition, as well as general day-to-day stress. 

    Past sexual trauma and abuse could also lead to sexual health difficulties for women. Confronting and healing from this trauma could help with this condition, so it’s worth investigating and speaking with a professional to determine how best to proceed.

    Chronic Health Conditions

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  4. November 15, 2021

    What Are Penile Injections?

    What Are Penile Injections?

    For men affected by erectile dysfunction (ED), treatment options may seem limited at first. The truth is, there are many good options available, which increases your chances of finding one that suits your unique needs. 

    If oral medications like Viagra or Cialis are ineffective, or present dangerous or inconvenient side effects, injections could be a great option for you! While penile injections may sound painful, the truth is that they cause little discomfort for many and present an easy option for treating ED. Watch our instructional video below on the subject for a quick rundown on what you can expect. 

    Before we talk about the benefits penile injections could bring to your sexual wellness, it’s important to know they’re not a cure-all. Different treatment plans will work for different people. Injections could be a suitable option for you, or another method may work better for your personal situation. Now, let’s examine how injections

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